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Enquiring Minds Want To Know – Meaning & Origin

This phrase was actually used by National Enquirer Magazine (a supermarket tabloid) as a Slogan for their magazine back in the 1980s. The meaning nothing more than the minds that want to know.

The phrase was catchy and successful then and people started using it in their daily conversations. For the rest of the 1980s, the slogan was used everywhere from Tv ads to print media.

Most of the time, this phrase is misquoted as inquiring minds want to know. It is not inquiring minds want to know. The correct phrase which one can use is Enquiring minds want to know.

Whenever we use the word “enquire” it is clear to us that it means to find out some information or to try to know something. For example, you are buying something from a company for the first time. You check for the prices of the product. Likewise, you see their return and exchange policy beforehand. It means you were enquiring about the company and their prices. You want to know everything about the company so you may not face any inconvenience later.

What Is The Difference Between Inquiring and Enquiring?

Well, enquire simply means “to ask”. Whereas, the word “inquire” is used for a formal sort of investigation. Whereas, the words are also used interchangeably in UK. In short, inquire is the most suitable word for formal or official investigations.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know or Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Well, most of the time people misspelled it as inquiring minds want to know. I already discussed that the real phrase with correct spelling is “Enquiring minds want to know”.

Enquiring Minds Want to know Origin

the slogan was used in the 1980s and later on, it got so famous that everybody started using it. It is a simple slogan that was used to sell the newspaper. It was heavily used back then and it doesn’t have any inspirational meaning other than selling newspapers.

Why is it good to have an Enquiring Mind?

It is always beneficial to have an enquiring mind. We need to update and expand our knowledge daily. Likewise, the enquiring minds are those minds who want to learn new things.

These are the people who come up with research and also some new results. Moreover, whenever we people with enquiring mind, we get to know a lot from them. They not only are interested in knowing facts but they keep updating their knowledge.

So, according to my, yes, it is always good to have an enquiring mind. You should seek answers to the questions you have in mind. It is the job of the wise.

A mind that never asks any question grows. Similarly, knowledge is power. So, it is always good to have a mind that asks and questions. Such people who come with new and updated information are always successful in their fields.


Just because this phrase was an advertising slogan. We don’t see its usage much nowadays. This was created with the straight and clear intention of selling things out i.e., their newspaper. The slogan inspired people and they were likely to purchase newspaper.

However, in general terms, it is something with clear and straight meaning. If you want to know something, you simply want to know. There is nothing vague and ambiguous about this phrase.

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