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What Does Thanks For The Heads Up Mean? – Meaning & Example

We use and listen to different expressions & slang daily in offices, schools, or while having a conversation with a friend. Today, we are going to discuss one of the most used expressions “Thanks for the Heads up”.

Many of you have already heard the phrase called “Heads up” which means pay attention or be cautious. It is actually asking you to be attentive to one particular thing. Likewise, when someone informs you about an alarming situation.

You use the phrase “thanks for the heads up” to thank. It means thanks for informing me about that alarming thing before.

For Example: you are walking on the road without being fully attentive. A car is about to hit you and your friend asks you to stop there to let the car pass. You stopped there and the car passes.

There, you can use the phrase” thanks for the heads up”. You simply thank your friend that he saved you from an injury or being hit by a car.

So, it is just slang that you use to thank or appreciate the person who informed you about a particular thing. If you have not been informed, you could have faced negative consequences.

Synonyms for “thanks for the Heads up”

Well, it is not a must to use this phrase every time. You can use its synonyms also. We could simply say “thanks for the warning”.

Moreover, we can also use plenty of other words such as “thanks for warning”. Let me simpler and say “thanks for letting me know”. Likewise, you can thank them using words like thanks for the information, thanks for telling me so & so.

Example Sentence for the “Heads up”

I wish the teacher had given us a heads up about the surprise test, we could have prepared better.

My colleague always asks me to keep my heads up about my boss’s visit to office.

Heads up. There are glass pieces on the floor.

Wow. I was not attentive. Thanks for the heads up. Otherwise, I could have my leg broken.

I suppose I better give my daughter a heads up about my health.

Example for “Thanks for the heads up”

Let us have look at these conversations below to learn using this phrase properly;

Example: it is a conversation between two friends

Sarah: Hey, Julie you have been missing lectures for many days. There could be a surprise test next week.

Julie: well, I was not expecting this. Thanks for the heads up!

Second Example: “Thanks for the heads up”, John. If you had not informed me about my aunt’s arrival beforehand, I could not have prepared so well for the dinner.

Which one is The Most Famous?

There are so many phrases to use but among them “heads up” is the most famous one. It is famous because people have been using it for a very long. You might have seen movie scenes where Hero or any other significant character use this phrase to warn somebody.

People feel pride in following those famous characters and therefore, “heads up” is the most important one.


I hope the meaning of the phrase is crystal clear for you now. When someone gives you any important information, it becomes your duty to thank them by simply saying “thanks for the heads up”. It is the best way to inform someone about something beforehand.

Thanks For The Heads up Reply

Well, it is a bit informal but in places where you want to sound formal, you can simply say “thanks for letting me know”.

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