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What is a Group of Bananas Called?

We all know that a banana is a fruit that is not only nutritious but also very delicious. It is liked by the majority of the people and nobody dislikes bananas. If you any confusion as to what to call a group of bananas, it will be cleared out in this article.

Basically, a single banana is known as a finger.
If there are some 6 to 7 bananas, they are termed as a hand
Whereas, all the hands-on a stem are called a bunch of bananas.
By structure, a bunch of bananas is a collective noun. Collection nouns refer to a group of people or things. For example;

Meaning of the word “Banana”

If we look at its origin and meaning, we come to know that banana is basically an Arabic word that means finger, and the word banana was actually derived from the word Banan. I guess, it is quite interesting to know this.

I myself was unaware of the meaning of the word banana for so many years. Moreover, the shape of the banana also resembles a finger that is why it is quite suitable to call a group of bananas a “hand of bananas”.

Benefits of Bananas:

So, now it is quite clear that a cluster of bananas is called a hand. Let us have a look at the benefits of eating bananas. Bananas are delicious and the riper they are, the sweater. You would be glad to know that bananas are rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, and dietary fiber.

It is one of the most famous fruits in America and is available throughout the year. Bananas are ideal for athletes and those who are concerned with fitness activities. Bananas are great at replenishing necessary Carbohydrates, glycogen, and other fluids that are burnt during exercise. Above all, they don’t contain any fats, cholesterol, or sodium etc.


In areas where the weather is hot and the soil is fertile, 90% of bananas are grown there. It is a scrumptious fruit that everybody loves to eat. The majority of the people love banana shakes also. A banana tree produces one bunch at a time. I have also seen that every kid loves bananas and that is why bananas can easily be added to their daily diet.

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